Violence is a learnt behavior: Geingos

13 Jun 2019 09:50am
WINDHOEK, 13 JUN (NAMPA) – The perpetrators of violence are not born violent, but it rather something they learn and pick up in their communities, First Lady, Monica Geingos has said.
Geingos made these remarks on Wednesday at the Break Free Campaign called The Journey at Parliament Gardens in the capital.
She said people committing violence are just emulating what they have learnt either at home, school or in the community because nobody will do something they have never heard before.
“Violence is a learnt behavior. It is something passed on from person to the next either at home, school or the community. [It] thus makes it an institutional problem because when you spent some time with violent people, then you get trapped in the system and you tend to follow that,” said Geingos.
She added that she visited the correctional service in Windhoek early on in the day and the statistics show that the large number of inmates are not from the large tribe in the country as one will assume, adding that this might be caused by lack of opportunities and people feeling neglected.
“When there is a society that feels oppressed, their only way is to retaliate violently, so when people from the south talk about landlessness, we need listen as leaders,” she noted.
She further added that it is a pity that Namibia does not have a rehabilitation center that can cater to people under the age of 18 as the one that was available has been temporary closed.
“We have a lot of young people that are smoking dagga [cannabis], which makes them turn violent, yet we don’t have a place to help them to rehabilitate and bring them back to the normal society,” she said.
The event was held under the theme; ‘My Voice, my power, our healing’.