Public warned against fraudsters

12 Jun 2019 12:00pm
WINDHOEK, 12 JUN (NAMPA) – Members of the public have been warned to be vigilant regarding a recent scam used to defraud unsuspecting individuals of their funds.
A media statement availed by First National Bank’s (FNB) Communication Manager, Elzita Beukes, on Tuesday said the fraudsters send a false text message suggesting the client has received an E-ticket that can be used any day.
“The bank does not issue E-tickets, the Fraudster’s aim is to send a text message and entice the client to call the text message sender’s number and the client will then be taken back to their usual bank process and thereafter the client will unknowingly Easy wallet or Ewallet money to the fraudsters,” she said.
Beukes added that FNB clients receive a false text message from 76779 that they have been chosen to receive interest money from their bank and that they should call (061) 299 2211 for more information.
She further said clients would receive a call from a private number to obtain details on how to withdraw the money as per fake message and clients are guided to make transfers such as E-wallet or cardless cash withdrawals through cellphone banking to the fraudsters.
Clients are also encouraged not to provide their bank details via cellphone, but rather to go inside the bank.
“We urge all clients to be vigilant and take note of old scams where fraudsters call landlines claiming to be bank staff,” she noted.
Beukes emphasised that no bank will ever call a client or member of the public to release or receive funds, in the same manner that no bank will ever divulge confidential information such as PINs, passwords or usernames over the phone or via email.
“Clients should be alert of scams and call the bank's helpline as soon as they encounter the fraudsters,” she said.