Meersig child kidnappers slapped with N.dollars 13 000 fine

10 Jun 2019 19:50pm
SWAKOPMUND, 10 JUN (NAMPA) – The four people found guilty of kidnapping and assaulting three minor boys in Walvis Bay in 2014, were each ordered to pay a N.dollars 13 000 fine or serve three years behind bars.
Logan Pretorius, 30; his fiance Sandra Riobo, 22; Ashley Januarie, 25; and Curven Vries, 26; appeared before Magistrate Gaynor Poulton, who issued the judgement in court here on Monday.
The four are required to each pay N.dollars 8 000 for the three charges of kidnapping they each face, and an additional two years, which is suspended for five years, on condition that they do not commit the same crime.
An additional N.dollars 5 000 dollars is expected of each of them on the three assault charges they are facing, also with the same conditions.
According to Poulton, the court took into consideration the fact that although Pretorius and Riobo are not first-time offenders, they were all relatively young when the offence was committed.
“Although the offence is a serious one and is not encouraged, the court believes that these people do not deserve to be permanently removed from society and deserve a second chance,” the magistrate noted.
She highlighted other factors including the fact that Pretorius is a father of two who solely depend on him, while his fiance Riobo and his parents are also his dependants.
Meanwhile Riobo, mother to a one-year-old daughter, although associated with common assault, did not physically assault the boys and also expressed remorse, the magistrate found.
She added that Januarie and Vries are first-time offenders and also each have dependants they are taking care of in their families.
Magistrate Poulton noted though that the court will however not ignore the fact that how the accused persons treated the boys was cruel and inhumane and that children are supposed to be protected and not harmed.
“Although it is still unclear how long the kids were held for, the fact that they described that there was still light outside when they were forcefully taken into this garage and were only let free close to midnight, means that it was for many hours,” she added.
She stressed that the period of deprivation also played a big role in the punishment of the four.
“The court hopes that you learn from this experience and that you may never find yourselves on the wrong side of the law again,” the magistrate cautioned.
The quartet was accused of verbally and physically abusing the three boys using a panga, spanner and hammer, among other things, after they reportedly saw them trying to steal one of Pretorious’ dogs at his residence in Meersig.
The accused were represented by Boris Isaacks while Prosecutor Tresia Hafeni represented the State.