Swartbooi ‘thanks’ Swapo

09 Jun 2019 16:00pm
WINDHOEK, 09 JUN (NAMPA) – The Swapo Party’s contributions towards Namibia’s independence is to be lauded, but after nearly three decades at the nation’s helm, the former liberation movement’s time is up.
These were the words of Landless People’s Movement (LPM) leader, Bernadus Swartbooi, when he addressed his party members in the capital on Saturday.
It is now opportune for other political formations to take the country forward, out of the current economic quagmire.
“Thank you Swapo for the liberation struggle. We have repaid you for 30 years. You have even been able to eat more than your fair share. You have become old. You have become worn out. You have no ideas. You can’t do anything anymore. You have done what you thought should have been done. But it’s now time to go,” added Swartbooi.
He further cautioned Namibians, ahead of the November poll, that they should not allow themselves to be pitted against each other along ethnic lines.
“Ethnic politics is not the answer to the problems we face as a country. It can never resolve the national problems in our country. You can’t because tribalism is not the issue. It should not be about this ethnic group or the other. It should be about the future of our children if it is like this today,” he said, further dismissing claims of some that LPM is a tribal establishment.
He said unlike the Swapo of yesteryear, the current crop of those in its top echelons have little regard for the majority of the populace, only caring that their self-serving interests are not threatened.
Swartbooi claimed the economic and leadership mess in which Namibia finds itself in is further fuelled by powerful nations such as the US, China and Germany, who are only looking after their own interests.
“For as long as the land remains in the hands of the Germans, they are fine. For as long as the Spanish and a select group of Namibians own all fishing rights and quotas, it’s all fine with them. There can be a bit of corruption or even more, but it’s fine with them. There can be a president who does as he pleases but for as long as the investors’ interests remain intact, then it’s fine. But as for you who want to challenge the status quo, you are on your own,” he charged.
Meanwhile, Swapo and Namibia’s leader, President Hage Geingob - when addressing the party’s rank and file at its belated birthday bash in the Zambezi Region on Saturday - disagreed with such observations.
According to Geingob, “we are faced with new challenges that only Swapo can solve”.
“The second phase of the struggle requires the same united approach that was present during the liberation,” Geingob told the crowd.