Efficient service delivery essential: Hangala

08 Jun 2019 14:40pm
KEETMANSHOOP, 08 JUN (NAMPA) – The Executive Chairman of Hangala Group, Dr Leake Hangala said efficient service delivery enhances good corporate reputation to those that are being served and is entrenched in brand recognition and reputation.
Hangala was speaking at the Public Enterprises Chief Executive Officers forum in Lϋderitz on Friday.
“There is a perception that we take too long to deliver our services to the communities we are created to serve, whether in terms of housing, electricity, water, transport,” Hangala said.
He added that Namibia as a country which is at the edge of approaching the fourth decade of Independence, there is a need to critically discuss the issue of excellence in performance so as to propel the country to a new model of prosperity.
Hangala said in Namibia and elsewhere, confidence in public institute is low, as citizens perceive the State as unable, unwilling or unauthorised to serve their interests.
“In a country such as Namibia, where marginalisation of the majority was the norm for nearly a century, we simply cannot afford a loss of public faith in the State and its institutions,” said Hangala.
He further said Namibia is facing unprecedented economic challenges which threaten to do worse than just slow the rates of growth, adding that there are many and varied challenges, such as extraordinarily high unemployment, insufficient foreign direct investment and the country losing an increasingly competitive global race to attract such investment and a high degree of policy uncertainty.
“This is, unfortunately, exacerbated by the severe drought that is now facing our country. If we do not stand up and rise to these challenges, they threaten to dampen the hopes, dreams and beliefs of so many Namibians, especially the youth on whom our future depends,” he said.
He stated that state owned enterprises are the first and foremost point of contact between most Namibians and the economy.
“We are the providers of basic public goods, the services upon which further economic diversification must be based. Public institutions have the capacity to turn-around the fortunes of our economy through massive investment initiatives and efficient service delivery,” he ended.