Air pollution a threat to human health: Jagger

06 Jun 2019 13:40pm
KARASBURG, 06 JUN (NAMPA) - World Environment Day was commemorated at Karasburg in the //Kharas Region on Wednesday.
Speaking on the theme 'Beat air pollution', Deputy Minister of Environment and Tourism, Bernadette Jagger, said air quality is important for the health of Namibia’s people and environment.
The deputy minister said individuals, captains of industry and the different ministries have an important role to play in achieving clean air.
“If we can do this, I am confident we will make the transition to a climate resilient economy as we will address challenges such as energy, food and water security,” Jagger said.
The deputy minister said air pollution is amongst others caused by the burning of household and medical waste, the production of electricity through the burning of fossil fuels and smoke from fires made for cooking, which is mainly a concern in rural areas and informal settlements.
Jagger said Namibia’s economy is highly dependent on climate change-sensitive sectors such as agriculture and fishing and the impact of climate change can be catastrophic for the country.
“Climate change poses a challenge to both food security in rural households and to sustainable development in Namibia at large, with projected decline in the GDP in the absence of continued adoption of climate change adaptation and mitigation measures,” she said.
In a statement delivered on her behalf, the United Nations Development Programme Representative to Namibia, Alka Bhatia, said a healthy planet depends on everyone and air pollution is preventable.
“I challenge you to choose an action for our planet and pledge to play your part, whether you reduce your meat and dairy consumption to help cut methane emissions, or whether you switch to a plant-based diet or even try to reduce food waste, these actions can go a long way in beating air pollution,” she said.
Five trees were planted at the Karasburg Primary School and 150 seedlings are expected to be distributed to the four schools at the southern town.