Kauejao's bail hearing postponed

11 Jan 2014 15:10pm
GOBABIS, 11 JAN (NAMPA) – The main accused in the stock theft and murder case relating to the death of Aminuis anti-stock theft activist Hiambepo ‘Major’ Kazeurua in late 2012, will have to wait a while longer to find out if he will be released on bail.
Stockley ‘Mbaruu’ Kauejao, 39, last Wednesday lodged a second bail application with the Gobabis Magistrate’s Court on new grounds, following the failure of his initial bid to be released on bail in May 2013.
Presiding Officer Lourens Pretorious on Thursday postponed the bail hearing to 22 January 2014 give the investigating officers in the matter enough time to complete outstanding aspects of the investigation.
Kauejao brought the new bail application on grounds of a deteriorating mental state due to his prolonged stay behind bars in police holding cells.
He states in the application that although he has since been returned to the refurbished police holding cells at the Gobabis Police Station, his protracted stay at the Gobabis Prison where he was kept for the most part of his stay in custody, affected him psychologically.
According to the applicant, he was kept in a separate cell on his own and was never allowed to mingle or meet with other trial-awaiting prisoners whilst at the Gobabis Prison. To him, this constituted solitary confinement.
Investigating Officer Kephas Iyambo testified on Thursday that Kauejao was kept at the Gobabis Prison as the police cells were undergoing renovations which limited space there.
He shot down claims of solitary confinement, stating that Kauejao was kept in a cell referred to as ‘private holding’. Whilst explaining to court that trial-awaiting prisoners are by law not allowed to meet with convicted prisoners, he could however not explain if there were other trial-awaiting prisoners in the same facilities with whom Kauejao would have been kept.
Kauejao, alongside Muvare Kaporo, 24, Mathew Kakururume, 28, and Aphas Kamutjemo, 37, face one count of stock theft each in relation to 15 heads of cattle that was reportedly stolen from a farm in the Omaheke Region.
With the exception of Kamutjemo, the remaining suspects also face one count of murder each relating to the death of Kazeurua.
Kazeurua's partly burned body was found bundled into an aardvark burrow on Farm Brazil in the Kalahari Constituency of the Omaheke Region.
The deceased was allegedly on the trail of the stolen cattle when he met his tragic end.
Kamutjemo is the only one of the accused currently on bail, albeit with stringent conditions.