MVA Fund conducts community outreach at Bethanie

03 Jun 2019 19:00pm
BETHANIE, 03 JUN (NAMPA) – The Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund conducted a community outreach programme about its services in Bethanie in the //Kharas Region on Monday.
Senior manager for accident and injury prevention, Sidney Boois said the purpose of the outreach programme is to bring information close to those in rural areas as MVA Fund only has seven offices across the country.
He said the programme serves as a public engagement, for people to enquire about the services MVA Fund offers and for those with claims to obtain information.
“You get people in these remote areas that have claims, but because Keetmanshoop or the nearest office is far from them they sit down and then claim the government could not help them when they were in need, so this platform is also for those purposes,” he said.
The outreach further hopes to educate the community on road safety and how community members can respond to emergencies if they arrive on the scene first.
“We need to educate people on road safety, how they as pedestrians and drivers of vehicles have to behave as these are the same people that will move to towns and cities and they need to know how to use the road. They also need to know how they can be emergency responders in cases of accidents,” added Boois.
He said the //Kharas Region report less road accidents than other regions and added that most of the accidents reported here occur because of vehicles that are not roadworthy.
“These accidents happen because of the condition of the vehicle, especially tyres that are old. The other thing that contributes is tyres that are imported as many are not made for such conditions as here,” he said.
The outreach was planned for Aus and Lüderitz as well.