Shilunga, new Khomas regional police commander

10 Jan 2014 19:00


Namibia police chief, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga, has assigned Commissioner Desderious Ireneus Shilunga as the new Khomas police regional commander and promoted him to major general, replacing retired commissioner Festus Shilongo.

Commissioner Shilunga has been serving Nampol since 1991 in various capacities and held a position of head of Internal Investigation Directorate from 2008 to 2010 before heading the Training and Development Directorate.

Said Lieutenant General Ndeitunga today, "Commissioner Shilunga is indeed one of the few tested cadres and I have placed my full confidence in him to optimally manage the resources of Khomas Region, to effectively carry out the mandates of the Namibian police force and ensure that crime situation in the region is drastically addressed."

Further promotions made to instill discipline and supervision at all levels of service delivery included that of Inspector Johanna Ndahafa Ngondo and Chief Inspector Monaliza Molebugi who were promoted to the rank of commissioner and were further appointed as the regional commanders for the Kavango East Region and head of the Training and Development Directorate, respectively.

Ndeitunga also revealed Windhoek has only three Class A police stations; Wanaheda, Katutura and Central Police, which are expected to cater for large populace of the city. New police stations will therefore be built in Otjomuise, Klein Windhoek and Cimbebasia/Kleine Kupfe.