Cabinet endorses Dr Haufiku’s candidature for UNAIDS executive director post

03 Jun 2019 17:10pm
WINDHOEK, 03 JUN (NAMPA) – Cabinet has endorsed the nomination of Dr Bernard Haufiku as United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS) Executive Director, for consideration by the United Nations (UN) Search Committee.
Speaking during the media briefing on Cabinet Resolutions here on Monday, Minister of Information and Communication Technology Stanley Simataa said they believe Haufiku is a perfect candidate that needs to be supported for the position.
Haufiku, a medical doctor, is the former Minister of Health and Social Services and now Special Advisor on health matters in the Office of the Vice President.
“As a country, we will work very hard to advance the candidature of Dr Haufiku. Keep in mind that as a country we are not well represented in many of these international organisations, so where we have the expertise and personnel to advance, we should not shy away,” said Simataa.
Former UNAIDS Executive Director, Michel Sidibé resigned last month to take up the post of Minister of Health and Social Affairs of Mali.
“Namibia, by the way, is one the countries that have made tremendous progress in the SADC region, on the African continent and even at the global level in terms of addressing HIV and AIDS,” Simataa noted.
He added that when such opportunities present themselves Namibians should apply and government will support them regardless of their political orientation or ethnicity, but based on what they can offer.