Bezuidenhout sets the tone at RDP convention

01 Jun 2019 20:00pm
WINDHOEK, 01 JUN (NAMPA) – Acting Rally for Democracy and Progress (RDP) president Steve Bezuidenhout urged delegates at the party’s Ordinary National Convention on Saturday to elect leaders who can propel the formation to greater heights.
He made the call when he officially opened the party’s elective convention at the Ramatex complex in Windhoek.
The party’s acting president said individuals should not be elected on the grounds of their popularity, but because of what they can do for the party.
Despite the challenges that have rocked the former official opposition, RDP is now in a position to rebuild itself, he said.
“We need to do more, not only to bring the party back to its original glory days, but also to make significant inroads that will eventually enable us to snatch power from the ruling party,” Bezuidenhout added.
The success of RDP lies in the power of unity and common purpose, he said.
“Squabbles and infighting will not benefit us as an organisation, and we must by all means avoid such retrogressive tendencies,” he said.
He went on: “I am sure you will be able to identify the most competent, knowledgeable, willing and able candidates to lead the RDP successfully in the next five years.”
There are three slates contesting for power at the convention.
The camps are headed by former parliamentarian Kandy Nehova, Miriam Hamutenya and current secretary general Mike Kavekotora as the presidential hopefuls.
Nehova’s group is without a vice president candidate, while Asser Sheuyange and Phyllicia Hercules are its candidates for the secretary general (SG) and deputy SG positions, respectively.
Kavekotora’s running mates are former RDP leader in the Kavango Region, Kennedy Shekupakela (VP), Brunhilde Cornelius (SG) and RDP Member of Parliament and serving deputy secretary general, Agnes Limbo (deputy SG).
Hamutenya on the other hand is campaigning alongside former Member of Parliament, Heiko Lucks (VP), Eenhana Town Council RDP member Walter Ndakondja (SG) and former RDP youth leader, Sibuku Malumbano (deputy SG).
Since its formation, RDP has seen two presidents lead it - first the party’s founder, the late Hidipo Hamutenya who resigned, followed by Jeremiah Nambinga, who also stepped down in December 2018.
Over 500 delegates from RDP’s 15 political districts are taking part in the intra-electoral process, with results set to be announced during the early hours of Sunday.