Ndafoluma beats Muwani in Zimbabwe

01 Jun 2019 14:00pm
WINDHOEK, 01 JUN (NAMPA) – Lukas ‘The Demolisher’ Ndafoluma defeated Liberty Muwani of Zimbabwe via a fourth-round knockout at the Harare Showgrounds in a middleweight non-title boxing bout Friday night.
The fight, which was monitored by this news agency on YouTube, saw the Namibian knock out his opponent with 01 minute, 58 seconds left of the fourth round.
The two boxers were scheduled to fight over 10 rounds, but the Namibian used his reach advantage to maximum effect in the first round.
Ndafoluma also used his jab, which he combined with body shots, to his advantage while the Zimbabwean clearly lacked experience.
Both fighters started off timidly, with Ndafoluma using his reach advantage over the inexperienced Zimbabwean, who opted to hold and grapple instead of fight.
In the second round Muwani received two shots to the head which shocked him as he went down, but the fight referee deemed it to a be slip rather than a knockdown.
That seemed to awaken Muwani as he slightly dominated the third round when Ndafoluma seemed to drop his guard.
However, the Namibian then started using his height and reach advantage over his opponent and punished him with a couple of body shots, before finishing off with a right uppercut to the jaw.
The Zimbabwean failed to beat the count.
After the fight Ndafoluma paid tribute to his opponent, saying he gave him a challenge, but his experience helped him cross the line.
“I want to be a world champion. It is every boxer’s dream to be a world champion and this is my journey to that dream. I have a great team around me, and I am sure they will make it happen,” he added.
Following his victory, Ndafoluma has improved his record to 16 wins with seven knockouts, and two defeats.
Muwani now has a record of four wins and four defeats in his eight fights to date.