RDP's elective convention underway

01 Jun 2019 13:00pm
WINDHOEK, 01 JUN (NAMPA) – The Rally for Democracy and Progress’s (RDP) long-awaited elective convention is underway at the Ramatex complex in Windhoek.
The party is among others expected to elect its top four – the president, vice president, secretary general (SG) and deputy secretary general – who will propel RDP’s agenda for the next five years.
Speaking to Nampa on the side-lines of the convention, acting RDP President Steve Bezuidenhout said everything is in place to ensure a free, fair and credible election.
“I am confident that all systems are in place,” he said.
Bezuidenhout did not single out his preferred candidates.
“They all articulated good plans for the party, but it is one thing to have a good plan and another to execute the plan,” the politician said.
He then added that he is eager to retire from active politics after the convention.
“I am really tired. I just want to go home and rest after my term in Parliament lapses. I have done my part, but I will always avail my services and expertise to the party if those in charge ask me,” he said.
Sabvuta Lister, who hails from the Zambezi Region, is one of the about 500 delegates who will decide the party’s fate.
“We are confident about the preparations leading to the convention. We hope that we can elect leaders that can bring life into the party. We want to grow the party,” he said.
There are three slates contesting for power at the convention.
The camps are headed by former parliamentarian Kandy Nehova, Miriam Hamutenya and current secretary general Mike Kavekotora as the presidential hopefuls.
Nehova’s group is without a vice president candidate, while Asser Sheuyange and Phyllicia Hercules are its candidates for SG and deputy SG positions, respectively.
Kavekotora’s running mates are former RDP leader in the Kavango Region, Kennedy Shekupakela (VP), Brunhilde Cornelius (SG) and RDP Member of Parliament and serving deputy secretary general, Agnes Limbo (deputy SG).
Hamutenya on the other hand is campaigning alongside former Member of Parliament, Heiko Lucks (VP), Eenhana Town Council RDP member Walter Ndakondja (SG) and former RDP youth leader, Sibuku Malumbano (deputy SG).
The registration of delegates who will participate in the intra-electoral process has commenced, and the election will kick off shortly after that, with results expected to be announced during the early hours of Sunday.
Since its formation in 2007, RDP has seen two presidents lead it - first the party’s founder, the late Hidipo Hamutenya who resigned, followed by Jeremiah Nambinga, who also stepped down in December 2018.