Otjikojo Primary School in Kunene electrified

30 May 2019 13:30pm
OKANGWATI, 30 MAY (NAMPA) – The Otjikojo Primary School, which is about 100 kilometres outside of Okangwati in the Epupa Constituency, was electrified with off-grid solar systems to help the learners study at night and for the school to have electricity.
During the joint inauguration of the solar systems on Wednesday, principal Lamek Matirua said the learners would have afternoon studying sessions and their marks were low but with the solar lights they can sit up at night at the hostel.
The school currently has 183 learners from the surrounding villages, and 10 staff members including the teachers, assistant teachers and principal.
At the event Energy Director in the Ministry of Mines and Energy, John Titus acknowledged that the electricity grid will not reach all the corners of the country in the near future, but that through partnerships and the use of renewable energy, schools as well as smaller villages can be electrified.
Titus also alerted the school staff members that the solar systems cannot power all heating elements and have a lifespan of up to 10 years.
Resident Representative of the sponsor Hanns Seidel Foundation, Clemens von Doderer highlighted that the presence of marginalised communities, in this case the OvaHimba cultural group, was one of the reasons the school was chosen to be electrified.
“The school is now electrified and now it is your time to shine and perform well in your schoolwork,” Von Doderer encouraged the learners.
Kunene Region Education Director, Angelina Jantze said there are no more excuses for poor performance from the Otjikojo Primary School and she expects the educational performance to improve in the year-end examination.
“This solar system makes a huge difference and we can perform almost all our tasks now,” said Jantze.
The school has four classrooms, one staffroom, two tents that are used as classrooms as well as two corrugated iron structures also used as classrooms. During the ceremony, the sharp winds further ripped open one of the already damaged tents.
The school has been open since 2015 and was officially inaugurated in 2017.
Each learner at the event also received a package with stationery and toys in it.