Almost 200 graduate from WAD training at Nkurenkuru

30 May 2019 12:40pm
NKURENKURU, 30 MAY (NAMPA) – A total of 187 unemployed youth and members of the Namibian Police Force graduated from the Women’s Action for Development (WAD) training programme during a ceremony in Nkurenkuru on Wednesday.
The training programme was conducted free of charge for three months in the fields of computer literacy and office administration.
Other fields are hospitality, tailoring, aspects of the Namibian Constitution, human rights and contents of gender-related laws, gender-based violence and substance abuse.
Speaking at the graduation ceremony, WAD Executive Director Salathiel Shinedima said the country is faced with youth unemployment and that the government is trying its best to implement effective measures to create employment opportunities.
“However, due to the economic situation and the looming drought the country is facing, it has become difficult for the government to create such opportunities alone,” Shinedima said.
He said being young and unemployed can lead to increased risk of poverty as well as social exclusion.
Shinedima added it is discouraging to see young men and women trapped in a vicious cycle of the labour market, where the available job opportunities are recycled amongst the qualified and experienced.
Young men and women, he pointed out, who lack the experience and qualifications needed to fill a job opening are often sidelined due to their lack of experience.
This prolongs their job searching periods which leads to gaps in employment history.
Shinedima said employment is important to young people as it provides some form of economic security.
“Therefore we need to create a labour market that is inclusive and fair. Inclusive in the sense that it caters for the inexperienced and unqualified Namibians,” he stated.
Meanwhile, Shinedima called on the Kavango West Regional Council as well as the Nkurenkuru Town Council to take the lead in introducing the new graduates to institutions for in-service training.