Teenage pregnancy is a mutual issue: Basson

30 May 2019 10:00am
KEETMANSHOOP, 30 MAY (NAMPA) – Governor of the //Kharas Region, Lucia Basson said it is a problem when teenage pregnancy is viewed as a responsibility for women, while men are left unaccountable.
Basson said this during the official launch of the Men 4 Women organisation here on Wednesday.
The governor said that when teenage pregnancy is mentioned, many people think only of a pregnant girl, noting that it should not be seen in that way as pregnancy is a result of sexual intercourse between two people.
“Only a few of us see a teenage girl, boy or man when we speak of teenage pregnancy, most of us only see a girl and this is where the problem lies,” said Basson.
She continued that many teenage pregnancy campaigns and programmes only focus on teenage girls while boys and men that are usually the ones to initiate sex are rarely mentioned when teenage pregnancy is discussed.
She went on to say that it is indeed unfortunate that many people are quick to question girls on how they fall pregnant but no one has the same conversation with the boys and men.
“Why have we normalised the thinking that pregnancy is the problem of the girls only? I must remind you that our girls do not fall pregnant by the Holy Spirit but by boys and men,” she remarked.
According to the executive director of Men 4 Women, Matheus Hamutenya, the initiative aims to be a leading organisation that inspires men to take the lead in preventing teenage pregnancy and any form of abuse against women.
“The organisation also strives to spark a mind-set change so that men take the initiative to prevent teenage pregnancy and contribute positively towards the wellbeing of women,” he said.