Namibia committed to curbing GBV by 2022: Imalwa

28 May 2019 08:30am
SWAKOPMUND, 28 MAY (NAMPA) – Prosecutor General (PG) Martha Imalwa on Monday said the Namibian justice system is taking gender-based violence (GBV) cases seriously and aims to make huge progress against it by 2022.
“By 2022, if we have not cleared Namibia from GBV through existing initiatives, then all those GBV culprits should be behind bars, properly convicted and sentenced. Let us take this challenge as Namibians, because if not, our population will be reduced due to GBV, which is terrifying,” she noted.
Imalwa was speaking during the official opening of a workshop aimed at preparing vulnerable GBV adult witnesses for court, here on Monday.
The five-day workshop is being attended by different stakeholders including prosecutors, social workers and psychologists from the 14 regions.
It is hosted by the Office of the PG in conjunction with the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), to address issues which have been observed to curb successful prosecution of GBV crimes. Lack of support for witnesses in these crimes is one such issue.
The PG also called on more men to get involved in the fight against GBV as well as similar workshops, in order to share information from men’s points of view.
“Let us also change all these GBV organisations supposedly meant for women only and make them inclusive of everyone including men,” she added.
Imalwa alluded to how public prosecutors should never cease to serve the Namibian people, especially when it comes to GBV cases, even though they are not often praised.
“We are here to scrutinise dockets from the beginning the crime has been committed as this is the only way you will be able to know what services you or your stakeholders need to give, before your victim is further traumatised,” she stressed.
The workshop plans to come up with initiatives for a court preparation programme for adults, which will be used to educate and familiarise court witnesses with court infrastructure and roles of the court players, among others, in order to remove fear and give them the confidence to testify.