Magufuli and Geingob discuss bilateral opportunities

27 May 2019 18:40pm
WINDHOEK, 27 MAY (NAMPA) – Tanzania’s President, John Pombe Magufuli on Monday met his Namibian counterpart, Hage Geingob, at State House in the capital, where the two discussed possible areas of cooperation between the two countries such as trade, arts, agriculture, fisheries and mining.
During the lengthy meeting, the two heads of states agreed that the time was ripe for the two nations’ bilateral relationship to be more meaningful, as they are currently “not so good” for two states with a long-interconnected history.
According to Geingob, it is because of the strong historic ties between the two countries that Magufuli’s visit was possible and for issues of common interests to be discussed.
“This visit today should allow us to expand our partnership and open new areas of cooperation, so as to fully optimise the immense untapped potential that exists between our countries,” Geingob added.
Furthermore, Geingob wants the two countries to bolster their ties to allow for growth and development, focusing on key issues such as agro-processing, value addition of minerals, manufacturing and logistics.
In the agricultural sector, Namibia is renowned for her beef, fish, dates, grapes and salt, Geingob said, while Tanzania is famous for its scenic beauty and reputation as a foremost tourist destination on the African continent.
“It is essential for our countries to share experiences in these vital sectors and to aim at replicating the success stories in other sectors,” he said.
On his part, Magufuli expressed disappointment over the existing ties between the two nations.
“This [trade and investment between the two countries] is very, very wrong comparing it to the level of our bilateral relations. We really need to double our efforts to improve business and investment conditions in our countries, including the removal of all the barriers to trade and investment,” he submitted, a call to which Geingob nodded in agreement.
“The trade between Namibia and Tanzania is not so good because for the past five year since 2014, the business between the two countries is just very wrong. It is approximately just TZS 59.55 billion, which is less than US$ 25 million [about N.dollars 360 million]. I was also informed that there is only two Namibian investments registered at the Tanzanian Investment Center [to the value of] US.dollars 12.96 million [N.dollars 186.6 million] and only employing 128 people,” Magufuli lamented.
“So my visit here should act as a catalyst in order to speed this good relation that the economic growth between the two countries as far as partnership is concerned [is realised].”