NDP and PDM to hold leadership conference in Katima

29 May 2013 09:50
WINDHOEK, 29 MAY (NAMPA) - The National Democratic Party (NDP) and the Peoples? Democratic Movement (PDM) will hold a leadership conference at Katima Mulilo in the Caprivi Region this coming weekend.
The leadership conference of the two political parties will take place on Saturday and Sunday.
The holding of the leadership conference was announced by the presidents of the two political parties - Martin Lukato Lukato and Joseph Kauandenge - in a joint media statement availed to Nampa here on Wednesday.
?The aim of the conference is to enlighten both parties? members about the content of the Memorandum of Understanding that we signed late last year, as well as to enlighten members on the way forward as we are about to enter into an election year.
The conference will also be the perfect platform to train young future leaders in aspects of leadership,? the joint statement said.
According to the two presidents, both parties firmly believe that the current state of opposition politics in Namibia is ?despicable?, as opposition party leaders apparently tend to put their own interests above those of the people they lead.
?We are of the opinion that the current scenario where each and every opposition party fends for itself is suicidal, as it has been proven that unless the opposition parties wake up from their self-induced coma and realise that the only way forward in reversing the dominance of the Swapo-Party is by joining forces, their so-called calls for a united front of opposition parties is but just a cosmetic exercise and nothing else,? they stated.
The two leaders said it is a pity that it is already only a year before the next general elections, and very few attempts have been made to start a dialogue between opposition parties for a common front against the ruling Swapo-Party.
?Yet, at every corner, one hears that we must unite. Until when shall we listen to these empty calls?? they questioned.
The two party leaders said it is imperative that the leadership in the opposition realises that they cannot gamble with the lives of Namibians by being ?selfish and self-centred? while the majority of Namibians continue to suffer.
?We must provide effective leadership in the opposition parties by rising beyond own self-importance and egos. We should be men and women of substance, and admit that we need each other,? they stressed.
Both parties said they will soon inform their respective constituencies about the way forward in terms of their preparations for next year?s general elections.
The two political parties joined forces earlier this year, and publicly announced that they will work hand-in-hand in preparing for the 2014 general elections.