Kandjii says a land revolution is imminent

21 May 2019 17:00pm
WINDHOEK, 21 MAY (NAMPA) - Black Namibians who own the smallest percentage of the country’s private agricultural land compared to their white counterparts, are likely to revolt and reclaim their land should the current lacklustre land redistribution process continue.
These were the words of Katutura Constituency councillor Ambrosius Kandjii on Tuesday when he made his contribution to the N.dollars 496.8 million budgetary allocation to the Ministry of Land Reform in the National Council.
Statistics contained in Namibia Land Statistics 2018, commissioned by the Namibia Statistics Agency show that the country’s majority population, black Namibians, own the smallest percentage of the country’s freehold agricultural land, compared to their white counterparts, who own 70 per cent of the land.
Kandjii told the house that the landless Namibians were rapidly running out of patience.
“I just want to warn again peacefully our counterparts, our white comrades who own our land, the Germans, the Boers, please, let’s discuss while there is still time because this is critical. It’s a serious warning,” Kandjii said.
He went on to caution: “Otherwise we are going to run out of patience. We are going to run out of time and when we run out of that time, nothing can stop a revolution.”
The outspoken councillor, in reference to the Second National Conference further warned that Namibia’s land conundrum is a genuine need and should not be politicised for electioneering purposes.
“Let the resolutions we took at the land conference not be a political affair… We have spent some millions (N.dollars 15 million). Let’s try to speed it up and not come up with these conferences and meetings we had, like many of them where it has just been kept and after elections, we relax again. People want to see results.”
Kandjii said the time is ripe for the Namibian Government to expropriate land without compensation, as the current format of willing-buyer, willing-seller is not sustainable.
“We are the lawmakers, this country is ruled by us, particularly Swapo and also the opposition parties are with us on this matter. Let’s amend the Constitution,” he urged.
Kandjii said there is no way the land issue will be resolved for “as long as we are buying our own land whose price has skyrocketed so heavily that a farm is now between N.dollars 15 and N.dollars 30 million”.
“How many farms can government afford? Let’s do it without compensation,” he said.