“Real” veterans suffering without recognition: Hanse-Himarwa

09 Jan 2014 12:50pm
MARIENTAL, 09 JAN (NAMPA) – Hardap Governor Katrina Hanse-Himarwa has expressed concern over the slow registration and recognition of war veterans in her region, saying some have died without such recognition.
In an interview with Nampa on Wednesday, the governor said she is aware of many war veterans who were registered in 2008, but still await approval and recognition from Government through the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs.
She thus called upon the line ministry to speed up the registration process, in consultation with all regional governors, and help the people before they die without any recognition.
“I am sitting with a list of people who were registered way back in 2008, but they are still not recognised (as war veterans). Some of them died while waiting.
This is not fair, because we can undoubtedly testify that these people contributed to the liberation struggle,” she said.
Some of the deceased Hanse-Himarwa was referring to are Lauda !Gaoses, who died in December last year, and Elizabeth Chiproen, who passed away in 2012.
“Comrade !Gaoses had been knocking on my door, asking me to enquire about her application, but I could not get anything,” she noted.
As such, the governor said this year she will take it upon herself and approach the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs in an effort to have the people on her list recognised as legitimate war veterans.
She stated that the process of registering and recognising is not 100 per cent fair, saying she had observed some people who have done little for the liberation of this country, already recognised as war veterans.
Hanse-Himarwa, therefore, requested the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs to make sure that the credentials of applicants for war veteran status is strictly checked to avoid unfairness.
“We must make sure that people who fought for the liberation struggle of our country do not die without recognition. A lot of them are now getting sick, and as such, they are really worried that they will leave this world without the financial help and recognition given to others,” explained the governor.
She said it is not good that the “real” war veterans are suffering without recognition, while “89 per cent of war veterans” are enjoying the benefits of Government recognition already.