NCCI to investigate Northern Branch

18 May 2019 12:30pm
By Mathias Nanghanda

ONGWEDIVA, 18 MAY (NAMPA) – Newly-appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), Charity Mwiya, said the national leadership of the chamber is investigating the dealings, including the use of finances, of the northern branch in order to address its ‘divisive tendencies’.
Mwiya said this on Thursday in a telephonic interview with Nampa when approached to give a response on suggestions from frustrated NCCI chairpersons of towns in northern Namibia that the NCCI Northern Branch, headed by Tomas Indjii, operates like an ethnic business block.
“We cannot be taken back into history, where insincere individuals, who in fact do not even represent any business, want to force themselves to run the chamber on regionalism and tribal lines,“ Mwiya stated.
She described the leadership of northern branch as a group of few individuals with and agenda of dividing the NCCI and promoting regionalism and tribalism.
Mwiya confirmed to this agency that there is nothing like the ‘Northern Branch’ in the structures of the NCCI, and that Indjii is well aware.
According to her, national leaders were at Ongwediva in March last year and explained to Indjii's leadership that their branch is not constitutional and not recognised by the NCCI.
Several northern NCCI branches, Mwiya said, have expressed frustrations with 'endless intrusion of unsanctioned in the areas of their jurisdictions claiming to be leader of northern branch.
Representatives of the NCCI branches in towns in northern Namibia have welcomed the decision to close down the NCCI Northern Branch at Ongwediva, which is still operational at the moment, despite a directive by the NCCI head office for its closure on the grounds of its unconstitutional nature.
NCCI representatives from Opuwo, Helao Nafidi and Eenhana voiced their frustrations in separate interviews with Nampa, alleging that the Indjii-run branch of the NCCI serves only the ‘Aawambo’ business community.
Opuwo branch chairperson, Killi Kambonde said although his branch also falls under the northern branch, it receives only lip service.
“It benefits only the Aawambo business community, especially those living within the Oshana Region. The northern branch leadership hardly visits my branch,” said Kambonde.
Helao Nafidi NCCI chairperson, Frieda Shikangala on her part charged that the northern branch couldn’t continue serving only in the regions of the Oshiwambo-speaking community.
“The branch, in its current form, is an ethnic business block and I believe it is a violation of our ‘One Namibia, One Nation’ policy,” Shikangala cited.
She commended the NCCI national leadership for declaring the northern branch unconstitutional and deciding to discontinue its operation.
Eenhana town branch chairperson, Linea Haimbodi, believes the northern branch formation undermines legal NCCI structures in towns.
“We, as leaders in towns, are not recognized as the NCCI leaders because of the existence of the northern branch leadership, which always takes over our role in the areas of our jurisdiction,” she alleged.
Indjii on Thursday declined to comment on the matter when approached by Nampa.