Khorixas residents await new development activities with glee

17 May 2019 18:30pm
KHORIXAS, 17 MAY (NAMPA) – Khorixas residents in the Kunene Region have expressed excitement about the new development and business construction activities underway at their town.
The residents in interviews with Nampa on Thursday said a multi-million dollar new shopping complex under construction at the town is a huge achievement for them in terms of job creation.
The 55-year-old Johannes Paulus said for the past 10 years the residents did not experience any development growth or a notable influx of people to Khorixas, due to a lack of economic activities.
“But for now with the construction of this huge mall, a lot of us are hopeful for a better tomorrow,” he said.
Paulus expressed happiness to see big construction projects in and around Khorixas happening, saying many locals have already secured temporary jobs at the new projects.
He also said many unemployed residents are waiting for the shopping complex to be completed and the shops to open so they can look for work there.
“I also thank our Government for bringing to us a new vocational training centre which is being built near the stadium,” he said.
Another resident, Diina Jonas said residents for a long time have been travelling to Otjiwarongo situated about 200 kilometres away for shopping, since Khorixas only has the Pep clothing store and mini OK grocery store.
Khorixas Mayor, Elizabeth Geises on her part said the new shopping complex under construction by a private businessman at a cost of over N.dollars 30 million, will become the new face of the town once it is completed.
She said many different clothing, furniture and supermarket shops are expected to open at the complex.
“We are also expecting a new private hospital and a mega luxury lodge to be built at the town during this year,” she said.
Khorixas has a population of over 13 000 people.