EEFA urges farmers to act fast amid drought

17 May 2019 16:00pm
WINDHOEK, 17 MAY (NAMPA) – Eastern Epukiro Farmers Association (EEFA) chairperson, Katjinduu Tjahuha is urging farmers in the Epukiro Constituency to be prepared for a severe drought season.
In an interview with Nampa on Friday, the chairperson said it has now been three years of poor rainfall in the constituency, therefore farmers need to be closer to their livestock.
“One can see that there will be many challenges facing us as a result of the poor rainfall, and chances of livestock survival are slim,” Tjahuha said.
He added that underground water will be affected as well due to this, in addition to the lack of food for animals brought on by the drought.
“This will force farmers to move their livestock from one village to another which will lead to death of livestock,” he said.
Tjahuha gave the examples of Otjijarua, Ozombouvapa, Ovinjuru and Otjombundiro among others, where farmers at some point were moving their livestock to neighbouring villages for water.
“It is high time now for farmers to make arrangements and make sure they save water. In some villages, the water tanks are small and some are damaged,” the chairperson alluded.
Additionally, Tjahuha reminded the farmers to start vaccinating their livestock this season on the yearly government prescribed vaccines like Supervax and Brucella.
He added that Vitamin A vaccine is much needed during this period as there is scarcity of vitamins in the field.
The chairperson also reminded farmers to use pasteurella and pulpy kidney vaccines for small stock in advance.
“Even ticks and flies on livestock are on the increase because of the poor rainfall, therefore farmers must apply the required vaccines,” advised Tjahuha.
He urged the farmers to acquaint themselves to the new Bush Crusher machine used for making pasture soluble for livestock.
“I think it will be ideal if farmers forms groups and buy this machine together, even the water point committees can use some funds to buy it while early,” he requested.
The representative for the farmers also took the time to compliment the government for availing funds to help farmers during this drought.
“This is a good initiative from the government and I believe farmers will benefit from it,” he said.
Government declared a state of emergency due to the drought and set aside N.dollars 573 million for drought relief.