Stock theft and murder accused Kauejao attempts bail

08 Jan 2014 17:30pm
GOBABIS, 08 JAN (NAMPA) - Another bail application in the matter in which Stockley ‘Mbaruu’ Kauejao and others are charged with stock theft and murder, was on Wednesday brought before Gobabis Magistrate Lourens Pretorius.
The applicant in the matter, Kauejao brought another bail hearing before the Gobabis court on grounds of a deteriorating mental state due to his prolonged stay behind bars in the police holding cells.
This is yet another attempt by the 39-year-old Kauejao to be released on bail, after the initial formal bail application in March last year was dismissed.
Kauejao, alongside Muvare Kaporo, 24; Mathew Kakururume, 28; and Aphas Kamutjemo, 37; face one count of stock theft each in relation to 15 heads of cattle that was reportedly stolen from a farm in the Omaheke Region.
With the exception of Kamutjemo, the remaining suspects also face one count of murder each relating to the death of Aminuis anti-stock theft unit activist, Hiambepo ‘Major’ Kazeurua.
Kazeurua's partly burned body was found bundled into an Aardvark burrow on Farm Brazil in the Kalahari Constituency of the Omaheke Region.
The deceased was allegedly on the trail of the stolen cattle when he met his tragic end.
During Wednesday’s bail application hearing, Kauejao through his legal representative called three of his brothers to the witness stand to help him put forward his case.
All three witnesses, Charles Kauejao, Jupiter Kauejao and Stanley Kozonguizi, related an incident in which a certain Johannes Andreas Haipinge - an employee on the farm on which the stolen livestock were allegedly kept - was allegedly being bribed to wrongly implicate Stockley Kauejao in the cases pending against him.
The court heard that Haipinge, who is a State witness in the stock theft case, allegedly received promises of huge pay-outs if he agrees to twist facts in the matter so as to implicate the first accused in the matter - Kauejao.
It however later emerged that the purported bribe amounted to nothing, as Haipinge failed to repeat the narration regarding the bribery to the defence lawyer when prompted to do so at a later stage.
Control Prosecutor Johan Pienaar, who represented the State in the matter, countered the reason for the bail application, noting that the said psychological problems being encountered by accused number one is as a result of his health condition.
He argued Kauejao had been suffering from high blood pressure and other ailments before he was arrested.
“All these psychological complaints are just a smoke screen to have him released on bail. That is the only reason why they are bringing it up,” Pienaar said.
The matter continues tomorrow, when both investigating officers in the matter are expected to take the witness stand.