Hardap governor says efforts to improve education paid off

08 Jan 2014 16:30pm
MARIENTAL, 08 JAN (NAMPA) - Hardap Regional Governor Katrina Hanse-Himarwa says she is excited that after three consecutive years of being the worst performer, her region has moved up three places in the Grade 10 rankings.
The Hardap Region moved from 13th to 10th place in the Grade 10/Junior Secondary Certificate (JSC) examination results for 2013, outperforming regions such as Otjozondjupa, Khomas and //Karas.
Oshikoto was the best performing region, followed by the Oshana Region in second place.
In an exclusive interview with Nampa on Wednesday, the governor attributed the good performance to her efforts, as well as that of education stakeholders, to introduce the education conference which changed things for the better.
The regional education conference was held here in July last year, under the theme ‘Grade 10 - Striving for Academic Excellence’.
“I am really excited that such a small effort has motivated our learners and teachers to do well. It is a lesson that if we, the leaders, can be actively involved in education, we are able to transform it. This year we want to move three or four more spaces up, if we did it last year we can do it again. Nothing will stop us,” the happy governor said.
Hanse-Himarwa said the best performing teachers and learners, as well as the most supportive parents involved in improving Hardap learners’ results will be rewarded soon.
She said the education conference was a tool which touched the hearts and minds of everyone involved in education in an effort to encourage them to work harder and get better results.
“When we were organising the conference some people were saying ‘Katrina is just wasting money’. Now we have proved to them that it is about the positive energy to achieve the best,” she stated.
The governor further said the regional education conference has been declared an annual event where all stakeholders will continue to deliberate on issues affecting education in the region and most importantly, implement strategies to improve it.
“This year our education conference will take place in the second trimester. We have seen the good results of this initiative thus we are motivated to continue. The poor performance of our region was an embarrassment, that’s why we stood up and turned things around,” she said.
Some of the conference resolutions which were implemented and which contributed to the region’s good performance included the cancelling of ‘block’ time for Grade 10 students. Instead, the Grade 10 learners were required to keep going to classes and study sessions, as well as to attend compulsory afternoon classes.
Other resolutions involved the creation of venues such as hostels where learners would study under supervision after normal school hours, and the introduction of cash prizes for the best performers.