Kapere encourages youth toward fourth industrial revolution

15 May 2019 17:50pm
WINDHOEK, 15 MAY (NAMPA) – Namibian 2016 Mandela Washington Fellowship representative, Mandela Kapere encouraged Namibian youth to have a paradigm shift from the first industrial revolution of agriculture to the fourth industrial revolution of digitalisation.
Kapere said youth should welcome the new revolution, during a discussion held by the United States of America Embassy under the theme ‘Emerging voices’ in Windhoek Tuesday evening.
It was held to discuss the puzzle of underdevelopment of the era of the fourth revolution from a youth perspective.
Kapere further noted that the economic participation in Namibia has a first world banking system and first world financial system, but that the vast majority of the people are financially excluded.
He also argued that civic participation and democracy in Namibia are parallel to underdevelopment, which is a unique challenge as the society is impatiently tuned to their rights and privileges.
Discussant Pahukeni Kanganyi said the Namibian youth have an opportunity to use the internet as a powerful tool to access information, such as YouTube for tutorials to develop skills and to access scholarships online.
According to Alphons Koruhama, another participant in the discussion, Namibian youth in the fourth industrial revolution should embrace the visionary leadership that thinks of the next generation, rather than a political leader who anticipates election and self-enrichment.
The discussion also reflected on the former South African President Nelson Mandela’s humanity, which was tied with the commemoration of Nelson Mandela Day of 05 May.