Feuding Nanso disturbs Shixuameni

12 May 2019 11:30am
By Edward Mumbuu Jnr
WINDHOEK, 12 MAY (NAMPA) – The infighting and politicking dominating the Namibia National Students Organisation has drawn criticism from its former leader, Ignatius Shixuameni, who says Nanso has lost direction.
The criticism follows a series of events that have reduced the once revered organisation to an entity of personality battles.
Shixuameni, who is also president of the All People’s Party, said in a recent interview with Nampa that if the behaviour is not arrested, Nanso risks losing its relevance in contemporary Namibia.
Current Nanso president Ester Simon recently came under heavy criticism from her co-leaders, who asked her to step down as they said under her stewardship, the organisation no longer represents the wishes and aspirations of students, but those of politicians.
It followed her appointment on an economic panel by President Hage Geingob.
“Students feel that the Nanso president no longer represents the interests of the students… Ester is running the organisation like a kuka shop,” Tyson Hihanguapo, Nanso’s national spokesperson said during an interview on Tuesday.
At the back of failing to account for N.dollars 1.2 million it received over the last three financial years, this year, the student body received another N.dollars 500 000 subsidy from the government.
This and many other examples, according to Shixuameni, shows that the student leaders are using the platform to advance their own interests while its mandate – which is to represent the wishes and aspirations of students – is being neglected.
“They must stop being ambitious political leaders by being good to the ruling party or the government and using (their current positions) as stepping stones to get to parliament,” he cautioned.
He advised that Nanso should revert to its former self.
“I would like Nanso to be more aggressive on student issues, student needs and student demands. They should speak on the wastage and corruption at the Namibia Students Financial Assistance Fund and the whole education system that is in a mess,” he said.
When approached for comment, a defiant Simon said she refuses to step down.
“I am not going to step down unless I have violated the bible (constitution) of the organisation, which gave me the mandate. I am not going to be deterred by a group of sour, selfish and bitter colleagues. Instead of working together, what they have been doing is to try and sabotage every National Executive Committee activity,” she said.