New criteria introduced for Food Bank beneficiaries in Khomas

11 May 2019 14:30pm
WINDHOEK, 11 MAY (NAMPA) – Beneficiaries of the Food Bank in the Khomas Region have to be registered on the Ministry of Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare’s SCOPE system to keep receiving assistance.
This was said in a media statement issued on Friday, in which the ministry said as from 01 May 2019, food parcels in the Khomas Region will only be distributed to beneficiaries registered on the SCOPE system and those who comply with the new eligibility criteria.
The digital management information system system is used for the registration and identification of beneficiaries when collecting food parcels, while also making provision for reporting, monitoring and evaluation.
“The ministry introduced the SCOPE System as a tool to improve efficiency in Food Bank operations,” the statement said, adding that it was piloted in the Khomas Region, with all seven constituencies covered in line with new eligibility criteria targeting only very vulnerable and destitute people.
The new criteria and system enables the ministry to achieve the programmeÂ’s objective of food provision to the most vulnerable and destitute Namibians.
Under the criteria, household members must be Namibian citizens in possession of national identification documents and have no permanent income or a well-established and self-sustaining business, whether big or small, except where households are led by able-bodied persons.
Beneficiaries should also not benefit from any pension or social grants, although orphans and vulnerable children are excluded.
The ministry said it might consider special cases based on household circumstances such as pensioners with large families, middle-aged and able-bodied persons with many or minor dependents and middle-aged unemployed people on permanent or chronic medication such as antiretroviral therapy, with many or minor dependents.
The statement also said the announcement could lead to some feeling excluded based on the new criteria and they can submit appeals to street committees for reconsideration.