Ministry of Homes Affairs launches visa and permits stickers

09 May 2019 18:20pm
WINDHOEK, 09 MAY (NAMPA) – The Ministry of Home Affairs and Immigration have launched visa and permit stickers to replace the traditional stamps which was commonly referred to as rubber stamps.
The launch was done by the ministry’s Executive Director Etienne Maritz on Thursday here.
Maritz explained that the rubber stamps have become one of the greatest challenges due to fraudulent activities and has become unreliable.
He said the rubber stamps are easily available by reproducing it and it is being used in unlawful practices thus forcing the ministry to spent more time on litigation as it encounter fraudulent stamps every year imitating those issued legally.
“This is the reason why countries including Namibia are now resorting to visa and permit stickers with built-in security features to protect their integrity, the stickers come in five categories and colour coded,” he added.
The stickers include, green ones for foreign nationals who have been granted permanent residence in Namibia, blue for employment permits and temporary residence permit for foreign nationals working in Namibia as well as their accompanying spouse and dependent children.
The brown stickers will be for short term employment permit (Work visa) for foreign nationals granted employment in Namibia for shorter term period for days not exceeding more than three or six months. While the yellow ones will be for students’ permits for foreign national students receiving education in Namibia.
The red stickers are for purposes of holiday, tourism, exploration for business opportunities, business consultations, meetings and transiting in Namibia.
He added that the implementation of the visa and permit stickers will be slated in two phases starting with the electronic passport and a work visa which are all processed by the head office in Windhoek, and the second phase will be to roll- out visa stickers for holidays, transit and general visits for diplomatic missions abroad.
“This will require strengthened linkages between our diplomatic missions and the Head Office, we are happy to inform you that a parallel project in respect of on-line applications for visas and permits is being developed to allow clients anywhere in the world to submit their applications,” said Maritz.