Guinea’s Condé speaks on third term

09 May 2019 15:00pm
WINDHOEK, 09 MAY (NAMPA) – Guinea’s President, Alpha Condé on Wednesday confirmed his intention to secure a controversial third term in power if the proposed referendum to amend the country’s constitution to that effect is successful.
Condé, who is serving a second term that will come to an end in 2020, made these remarks while responding to questions by this agency at State House on Wednesday during his State visit to Namibia.
Furthermore, Condé justified his purported ambition to proceed beyond 2020 by pointing to the successes his leadership has delivered to the people of Guinea since taking charge, adding that due to poor management of the country endowed with mineral riches, poor management had kept Guineans hostages of poverty for decades.
“When I was elected in 2011, there was only one hotel of international standard then. There was no electricity. There was hardly any infrastructure in the country,” he said.
“Today, we have more hotels than you can find in Dakar (Senegal). Now we have built hydro dams and we are building more. Soon, we will provide energy resources to other countries.”
In addition, Guinea’s Head of State said his country’s economy was growing by ‘two digits’.
“Now people are brainstorming, thinking if the current president (Condé) is doing a good job, why would he go? We want him to stay on. It is a normal debate. Up until now, the president has not pronounced himself. The people of Guinea have sovereignty and I would only go by what my people want me to go by,” he said through a translator.
Clearly agitated at this stage, Condé said he would not bow to western pressure to relinquish his post and that it is hypocritical that ‘the west’ sees no wrong in a leader who has served even for 25 years as long as that given president is on good terms with them.
“What matters to them is not the interests of our countries. What matters to me are the interests of the people of Guinea and solely that. I will not go or have any pressure exercised upon me,” he added.