//Karas women want violent men castrated

07 Jan 2014 17:30pm
By Paukus Shiku
KEETMANSHOOP, 07 JAN (NAMPA) - With passion killings seemingly on the increase in the southern region of //Karas, women here are pleading with lawmakers to confiscate all guns and castrate murderers.
Three passion killings involving guns were recorded in the region around Christmas and New Year’s days.
Another woman was also shot, and survived.
A number of women interviewed by Nampa on Monday said it is high time for men to be kept away from weapons as they are now using the weapons to kill women and then kill themselves.
“All men who kill or attempt to kill women must be castrated and locked away for life; this is to teach the rest of them a lesson not to mess with other people’s lives. This will also send a strong message to boys so that when they grow up, they do not murder women,” said Ndahafa Kaleke, a hairdresser at Keetmanshoop’s Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Park.
Another hairdresser, Evelina Shigwedha said private guns should be confiscated from all men and women in the country so that no one can use the weapons to kill others or themselves.
Shigwedha said since some police officers and defence force members are now using work firearms to kill women who cheat on them or leave them, such guns should be kept in safe places where the officers of defence force members do not have access to them every day.
She said they must only have access to guns when they are going for a mission which requires a gun.
“We do not know what to do as women anymore. If my man gives me money or other things and later we break up, then he must not kill me. He better ask for his things back and if I cannot pay, my family should be able to help me instead of paying for it with my life,” said Shigwedha.
Mercia Thomas also suggested that guns be confiscated, regardless of whether the owner does not have any intention to kill.
She also said guns are much too affordable nowadays, hence they are easy to acquire, so the price of guns should be high - or even better, there should be no gun sales at all.
“As women we must take self-defence classes, maybe that way we will be able to defend ourselves from men with guns,” Thomas said.
Lorencia Stephanus, on the other hand, placed the blame on women who depend entirely on men for financial support, saying that it is the main cause of passion killing as men refuse to lose the women they spent a lot of money on.
“I am not justifying any killing, but I want to make it clear that we women must stop using men for their money. We must work and be independent. These days you hear women saying “where can I get a man to take care of me”. It is in the nature of men to be aggressive and kill when provoked, so we need to guard against that,” she noted.
Helena Ekandjo said long-distance relationships must be avoided where possible, as they destroy trust and cause jealousy between couples.
“If a man is dating or is married to a woman who is far from him, he might lose trust and become jealous of his partner. If they hear anything suspicious, for instance about cheating, they will come and kill. So, the solution here is for men to have trust in their women and not be jealous and kill them,” Ekandjo said.
Yulanda Rita Isaaks said there is no justification for men to kill women after a break-up or cheating.
“The fact that men invest in their women does not give them the right to kill them. If the women terminates the relationship men must understand and leave them alone,” she indicated.
Another woman who only wanted to be known as ‘Pewa’ suggested death penalties and/or life sentences. She also said the police must act quickly on any information that has to do with threats of murder to help save women’s lives.
“Sometimes people report these things to police before they happen but no serious measures are taken, so they need to act quickly,” she said.
Some of the latest female victims of passion killings in the //Karas Region are Felicity Draghoender, Kenorita Beukes, and Mindo Wistaria Viveiros.
Tessa Christiaan survived several gunshots to her body.
Their partners killed themselves afterwards.
Approached for comment, the Commander of the Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in //Karas, Commissioner Armas Shivute on Tuesday said he is not happy with the killings, but said the police are doing their best to protect the people.
Shivute agreed with those who said guns must be confiscated, saying “we need to amend the law and keep the guns safe”.
He brushed off allegations that the police do not respond quickly, and that they do not take it serious when women report violence and death threats.
“When things go wrong the police is always being blamed, but we respond on time and take all cases reported very seriously. Women must report all the violence and abuse, so that they can be protected,” Shivute said.
He further urged women not to withdraw cases of domestic violence and abuse against their male partners, as it makes police work difficult and encourages such crimes.