Media plays vital role in creating informed decisions: Nawatiseb

07 May 2019 16:40pm
WINDHOEK, 07 APR 2019 (NAMPA) – Free, independent and professional journalism plays a vital role in providing information that allows citizens to make informed decisions inside and outside the voting booth, Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Engel Nawatiseb has said.
Nawatiseb made these remarks at the Namibia University of Science and Technology on Tuesday during the commemoration of World Press Freedom Day.
This year’s Day is celebrated under the theme ‘Media for Democracy: Journalism and elections in times of disinformation’ and addresses the role of the media in sustainable development and during times of elections.
As well as a watchdog fostering transparency, accountability, the rule of law, the theme also explored legislative gaps with regard to freedom of expression, information online and the risks of regulating online speech.
Nawatiseb said journalism holds the power to account for the integrity, peace and fairness of an election and can contribute to the electoral agenda by requiring politicians to respond to the public and focus on subjects of real public interest.
“The media is government's partner in enhancing democracy and promoting socio-economic well-being of our people and thus, I call upon the media to continue playing its role of being an informer, educator and entertainer in order to promote peace and stability, and ensure that citizens are empowered with information that helps them make well informed and meaningful decisions,” he added.