Depo Provera injection out of stock at Rundu State Hospital

05 May 2019 13:20pm
RUNDU, 05 MAY (NAMPA) - The Rundu State Hospital has run out of the Depo Provera injection, a contraceptive provided to women at State hospitals.
According to information received by Nampa, clinics in and outside Rundu are also affected.
Depo Provera and other contraceptives form part of the essential services women of childbearing age receive for free from the Ministry of Health and Services.
Nampa spoke to the administration of the hospital, who confirmed that they are experiencing a shortage of the injection.
“We have been out of stock for a month due to the Central Medical Store not having the item, but it has already been ordered and will be delivered soon,” said Joseph Mukerenge, who is the Medical Superintendent at the Rundu State Hospital.
He said all women who use Depo Provera can consult healthcare workers at the nearest clinic so an alternative family planning method can be prescribed.
Mukerenge said they have other contraceptives in stock.
“These contraceptives are some of the family planning methods offered to women. Lack of Depo Provera does not really affect us because we have other options in the form of pills that we offer to our clients which work the same as Depo Provera, but is just administered differently,” he said.
The Depo Provera injection is administered every three months.