Security companies unhappy with tender process at KERC

05 May 2019 11:00am
By Sawi Hausiku
RUNDU, 05 MAY (NAMPA) – Several security companies in Rundu are not happy with a tender recently advertised by the Kavango East Regional Council (KERC) for security guards for government schools in the region.
The tender ran from 01 to 30 April 2019 and was advertised in various local newspapers.
The company representatives told Nampa in an interview on Friday they are particularly unhappy with the fact that the deadline has been moved to 31 May.
They alleged that they were informed about this change last-minute on the day the tender closed, with no valid reasons provided by the procurement management.
Nampa has in its possession a list of 10 companies that made their submissions on time.
These are Kanuni Security Company, Omambudu Security Service, Yameno Investment CC, Mpungu Security CC, Zomonupata Investment CC, Tulikumo Investment CC, Vihinda Investment CC, Nangura Security Service, Tupemburenu Investment CC and MPS.
The companies claim the regional council postponed the deadline for submissions because two of the security companies allegedly favoured by the council (names provided) did not submit their documentation on time.
They alleged that the two companies are always awarded tenders.
“Why can the 10 companies that submitted not compete for the tender as they submitted on time and by the due date?” they questioned.
This, the companies said, is an indication to them that there is corruption with the tender process as over the years the two companies have repeatedly being getting these tenders.
“We have been experiencing this problem for a long time now and have lost trust in the process and those responsible with the execution,” the unhappy group charged.
KERC Chief Regional Officer, Ludwig Thikusho told Nampa on Saturday in total, 36 security companies took part in the tendering process.
He said 10 companies submitted their documents on time, whilst 26 did not.
He explained that the placement of the tender was a serious oversight from the procurement department as they placed the advertisement during a month when schools were closing.
“Because of this, many of the companies, particularly the 26 companies, could not get stamps of various schools placed on their application forms, which is one of the requirements for the tender,” Thikusho said.
He said they thus decided to give the 26 companies that did not make it, a chance to get the stamps they could not obtain due to the school closure.
Thikusho rubbished the claims of corruption and said the application forms of those who already submitted will not be opened until the new due date.