Kapana scarce at Single Quarters

07 Jan 2014 13:30pm
WINDHOEK, 06 JAN (NAMPA) - The ongoing drought in the country is also affecting the sale of “kapana” at the Single Quarters in Katutura.
Although rainfall has been experienced in most parts of the country, it has been few and far in between.
Kapana is meat barbequed/grilled on an open fire, and remains a delicious meal for many Namibians and tourists alike.
Kapana vendor Jason Herman told Nampa on Monday that meat has become expensive, and that in turn affects his profits.
Herman said most of the kapana vendors at the Single Quarters get their meat from one farm in Otjiwarongo.
“The meat is coming from far, and is extremely expensive now,” he said.
Herman was the only one selling kapana at the Single Quarters on Monday, as most of his colleagues have decided to stay home because they do not make profit.
To make ends meet, Herman is now selling a small piece of grilled meat at N.dollars 3, and at different times N.dollars 4. Usually it costs N.dollars 2.
“This is a difficult situation - you buy a big piece of raw meat at N.dollars 100 to make kapana, but only make profit of N.dollars 20 now,” he said.
Herman said previously, he made profit of N.dollars 50 from a N.dollars 100-piece of raw meat. The size of the N.dollars 100-piece of meat has seemingly decreased.
A customer Job Ndeenda was disappointed to find only one kapana vendor, who was also fully booked, on Monday during lunch time.
“This is very disturbing situation of not having meat here. Kapana is one of my favourite foods,” said Ndeenda, who also usually buys raw meat at the Single Quarters to prepare at home.
Another customer who opted to remain anonymous, explained that the situation should be understood, as the country experienced drought and most of farmers suffered huge losses of livestock.
“I believe this might be the cause of high meat prices in the country,” he said.
The situation at the kapana stalls at the Wanahenda Bus Stop was no different - only two vendors were selling kapana, and over 20 people lined up for the small pieces of roasted meat during lunch time on Monday.