APP should not copy other political parties, says Shixwameni

04 May 2019 19:00pm
RUNDU, 04 MAY (NAMPA) – All People’s Party (APP) president Ignatius Shixwameni on Saturday called on party members to change their approach to politics and rather strive to be different.
Shixwameni made the call during the regional elective conference which this weekend will see members contesting five vacant positions in its Kavango East regional structures.
The positions are that of regional chairperson, secretary, treasurer, secretary for community welfare and regional mobiliser.
“If you copy and do the things other political parties are doing you will fail because you did not invent that,” he said.
Namibians like copying, Shixwameni said before mentioning how the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) now also has a central committee which they did not have before independence.
“But now because they have to copy the Swapo Party, they too named their structures to the structures of the ruling party,” said the APP leader.
He informed the gathering that the APP should not copy from other political parties as they still have the old way of doing things.
“The APP is a unique party and should learn to invent new ideas and be creative,” Shixwameni said, giving an example that when other political parties organise star rallies, they should instead organise small sectional meetings with their members.
This will inform their members directly and give them strength and the courage not to fear other political parties, said Shixwameni, explaining that this is his destination and the vision he is trying to roll out to all party members.
“We repeat what they say in Europe, we repeat what has been said before independence. We are not creative,” the APP president stressed.
Shixwameni said that even with songs, groups such as the Ndilimani Cultural Troupe are still singing songs like ‘Samma Ulipeni’ “when everybody in the country knows the Founding Father arrived in Namibia more than 30 years ago”.
“Ndilimani continues to sing the old struggle songs, can they not invent new songs that inspire people to move forward? All APP members, I want us to change the way we think and our approach to politics,” he stated.