Kandjii-Murangi preaches leadership at Nanso indaba

03 May 2019 19:30pm
WINDHOEK, 03 MAY (NAMPA) – Namibian National Students Organisation (Nanso) leaders can become prominent national leaders if they have the right mindsets and align themselves with the right role models.
This was said by Higher Education, Training and Innovation Minister Dr Itah Kandjii-Murangi when she opened the Nanso Student Representative Council (SRC) and Trainee Representative Council (TRC) Forum which commenced here on Friday.
The minister said she is certain that the current crop of student leaders will occupy positions of influence and power in the near future.
“Many of you sitting here today, 15 to 20 years from now or even less than that, will be prominent national leaders. And I am speaking from experience,” the former University of Namibia Dean of Students said.
She urged all student leaders to realise that before being leaders, they need to work hard towards achieving their goals which in turn would help them, help others achieve theirs.
“Begin to identify those you can engage with whenever you encounter something you feel you cannot handle… You know, the role that you have is multifaceted. You can look at it as something that it is a burden sometimes, but it is also a learning phase,” she stressed.
The minister then advised the about 100 students not to take their current roles for granted.
“This experience is paving something for you that you don’t even think about. But it depends on how you engage. It depends on how seriously you take your goals,” she noted.
Kandjii-Murangi further said a collective and capable student voice is a powerful tool which needs to be used in the right manner for effective results.
Additionally, students need to learn good communication strategies to tackle issues and do away with confrontational behaviour, she said.
This behaviour, according to the minister, hinders progress.
The forum aims to address pertinent issues affecting students which include safety around campus, tuition fees and student accommodation.
It ends Sunday.