Block E residents march to Rehoboth Town Council

02 May 2019 15:20pm
REHOBOTH, 01 MAY (NAMPA) – Disgruntled residents of the Block E informal settlement in Rehoboth on Thursday staged a peaceful demonstration to the Rehoboth Town Council to hand over a petition, alleging poor governance by the council.
The group, escorted by the Namibian Police Force, started their march from the #Oan-||Ob Community Hall, singing 'We will not vote, No water - no vote'.
Upon arrival at the town council, the residents were greeted by locked gates manned by the police. They demanded to see ministerial representative, Nathalia |Goagoses and Acting Chief Executive Officer, Johannes Ipinge, who were both out of town.
The council’s Head of Technical Services Ernst De Waal, who was acting in the absence of Ipinge, came out to receive the petition, but the petitioners refused to hand it over, saying they want to see |Goagoses.
The community members thereafter decided to re-strategise and organise another demonstration in due course to air their concerns specifically to the two leaders.
A community member who led the group, Dorothea Gases told Nampa that residents wanted to express their dissatisfaction with the ongoing state of affairs in the governance and the general lack of delivery of proper services in the town, especially in Block E.
She added that residents have been without water for the last two weeks after the Rehoboth Town Council disconnected the water supply of most houses in Block E due to high water bills.
“We have old people who need water to take their medicine and make food for themselves. How does the town council think these people will survive? Water is a basic need and if they fail to reconnect our water, we will not vote,” she said.
Other grievances include the absence of a fire station, lack of proper sanitation, the frequent running of sewerage water, inconsistent removal of household rubbish and the lack of communal taps for community members.