‘Align yourselves to rules and procedures of Swapo’: Shinduvi

30 Apr 2019 17:50pm
RUNDU, 30 APR (NAMPA) – The Swapo Party regional coordinator in the Kavango East Region, Ottilie Shinduvi impressed upon the leadership in the region to always align themselves with the rules and procedures of the party.
She did so at the Swapo Party joint regional executive committee meeting held here on Tuesday, noting Swapo started as a movement and is now an organisation which has rules and procedures that guide it.
“Thus when you find yourself in Swapo, you have to align yourself with the rules and procedures as well as the constitution of the party,” she said.
Shinduvi said leaders should align themselves to these documents especially when steering party activities and executing duties where they were deployed to by the party.
The regional coordinator said by taking decisions without following these documents, leaders are basically creating their own rules and personal constitutions.
“You are there because of this party and this party has rules and procedures. You are there to represent the masses that voted for you,” she stressed.
The meeting was being held to inform the leadership that the party structures are going to go through a renewal of mandate, which in the past used to be called “restructuring”.
This renewal of mandate, Shinduvi explained, will happen starting from the sections, branches and districts.
“It is not necessarily going to remove people from their positions, but the purpose is to renew the mandate to continue. Thus when you are given that mandate, it is given for you to go and serve the electorate. Not to go and be served,” she stressed.
The regional coordinator further informed the meeting that they should remember Swapo is not an employment agency but that as leaders, they were elected to serve.
“You become a servant of the people. Lately, we are turning things around where people have to now beg us to properly execute our jobs and duties,” she noted.
When the electorate vote for Swapo, they do that for the entire party and do not vote for an individual, she pointed out.