Gobabis to impound stray livestock

06 Jan 2014 15:00pm
GOBABIS, 06 JAN (NAMPA) - Livestock owners who have driven some of their animals into the boundaries of the town of Gobabis due to the drought, stand to lose such livestock.
The Municipality of Gobabis has warned that it will impound all animals found within its boundaries, especially those that are found wandering the streets of the town without proper care.
In a public notice issued last week, the municipality’s health department warned that effective 06 January, all animals found on their own within the boundaries of Gobabis will be impounded.
Livestock owners whose animals have been impounded will have to pay certain fees to the municipality to have their animals released into their care.
“As per the Local Authority Act 23 of 1992, the municipality can impound livestock brought into the boundaries of the town or left unattended. The pounding fees to be charged are N.dollars 120,75 per animal head as provided for in the Government Gazette, while money for safe keeping will also be added onto this amount,” the public notice reads.
According to the notice, animals kept in safekeeping and not claimed within two weeks will be auctioned off to a cheetah or lion farm in the surroundings of Gobabis.
As the drought takes its toll on farming, farmers in areas surrounding Gobabis opted to drive their most frail and vulnerable livestock into Gobabis, leaving them to graze on greenery on the edge of the town.
This practice has however been frowned upon by the local municipality, who deemed it dangerous as such livestock are often seen roaming the town’s street, causing a danger to road users.
“As a municipality, we are also obliged to protect the lives of our town residents. The presence of these animals in the town as such poses a danger to the lives of these residents,” the municipality stated.