Otjozondjupa Swapo leadership threatens to reprimand Ipinge

25 Apr 2019 18:10pm
OTJIWARONGO, 25 APR (NAMPA) - The Swapo-Party’s Otjozondjupa Regional Executive on Thursday threatened to reprimand Governor Otto Ipinge if he allegedly continues to involve himself in the restructuring of leadership positions at section and branch levels in the region.
The party’s Regional Treasurer Patrick Xoagub at a media briefing claimed that Ipinge and constituency councillors in the region are conducting illegal restructuring activities without the knowledge of the district or regional coordinators.
These councillors include Nelao Amagulu of Grootfontein constituency, Julius Neumbo of Otjiwarongo constituency and Steve Biko Booys of Okahandja constituency.
Others include Grootfontein Mayor Abisai Haimene and Chairperson of the Grootfontein Municipality’s management committee, Jack Tsanigab.
Xoagub said the regional executive committee has noted with concern the behaviour of Ipinge, Amagulu, Neumbo, Booys, Haimene and Tsanigab which is causing “confusion, uncertainty and division” in the rank and file of the party with the renewal of the mandates of leaders at section and branch levels in the region.
“These comrades must cease their illegal activities or we as a regional executive committee will call them to order and reprimand them accordingly,” he warned.
He also declared null and void the alleged illegally restructured positions by Ipinge and his group at Grootfontein, Otjiwarongo and Okahandja districts.
“Governor Ipinge concentrate your efforts on developing the region. We will not be intimidated, your time is over. Stop interfering in the political activities of the Swapo Party where we have politically elected leaders,” he said.
Xoagub also announced that the renewal of the mandate of the leadership at Grootfontein will end at section level, not at the branches, saying that the tenure of the branch leadership will still run until 2020.
However, Swapo-Party Secretary-General Sophia Shaningwa at a meeting in Grootfontein last month told Xoagub and other Otjozondjupa Regional Executive committee members to restructure all 87 branches and the 102 section leadership positions in the region before June this year.
In response to Xoagub’s allegations on Thursday, Ipinge who spoke on behalf of his fellow councillors said they are ex-officio members of the Swapo Party’s Otjozondjupa Regional Executive Committee and of sections and branches and therefore cannot be stopped from participating in party activities.
“We will not stop. We are Swapo members who need to participate at all times in the political activities of our party,” he said.