Only critical positions will be filled: OPM

24 Apr 2019 15:50pm
WINDHOEK, 24 APR (NAMPA) - The Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) will fill critical positions only in efforts to curb its wage bill, Deputy Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister, Samuel Ankama said Tuesday.
While motivating the OPM’s budget allocation of N.dollars 459.4 million in the National Assembly, Ankama explained that one of the nine strategies to contain the growth of the wage bill is to only fill crucial positions once vacant, with the approval of the Cabinet Secretary.
“This strategy works in tandem with the business process reengineering programme. Posts which are insignificant are not filled,” he said.
The programme is one of the tools the OPM developed and implemented to ensure appropriate governance framework and compliance in all offices, ministries and agencies.
It falls under public service management, which the OPM is set to spend N.dollars 64.6 million on.
Another strategy within the same programme, under the human capital management system, is to reduce daily subsistence allowances from the actual N.dollars 280 million to an estimate of N.dollars 236.6 million.
Domestic and foreign travel, with the exception of essential trips, will remain restricted and overtime payments will be controlled as well, he said.
Ankama said N.dollars 27.9 million is allocated to improving the constitutional obligation of the public service commission programme, which accommodates the Public Service Commission.
The commission advises the government on staffing, disciplinary and staff misconduct cases, as well as human resource policies.
The deputy minister added that 93 per cent of the decisions taken during October 2017 and September 2018 in Cabinet were implemented, which translates to 160 decisions.
The OPM has thus assigned N.dollars 16.7 million to the improvement of the Cabinet administration support management programme to monitor and evaluate the implementation of these decisions.
This programme provides secretariat support to Cabinet and standing committees’ work and also ensures proper record keeping.
The OPM has also set aside N.dollars 19.7 million for the coordination and administration of the government leadership programme, while N.dollars 123.5 million will be used for coordination of the disaster risk management programme under which the drought relief assistance falls.
Meanwhile, the improvement of public service information technology management programme that deals with the implementation of notification systems such as e-Death and e-Birth will receive N.dollars 76.4 million, whereas the improvement of policy coordination and support services programme is set to get N.dollars 130.2 million, said Ankama.