Stock theft accused granted bail

24 Apr 2019 12:30pm
REHOBOTH, 24 APR (NAMPA) – Two men, one an ex-employee of farmer Adolf Klein, arrested last week Wednesday on stock theft charges, made their second appearance in the Maltahöhe Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday, where they were granted bail.
Former employee Rodrick van der Westhuizen, 22, and Paul Josef, 33, appeared before Magistrate Anna Marie Kruger and their case was postponed to 26 July for further police investigations and for the accused to apply for legal aid.
They were granted bail of N.dollars 4 000 each on condition they do not interfere with police investigations or get in contact with potential witnesses.
It is alleged that Van der Westhuizen went to Farm Hoogtevrede owned by Klein and where he was previously employed, and gathered five heads of cattle and one Bonsmara calf and drove them to Farm Jakobsrus in the Maltahöhe district.
After the case was reported to the police, the tracks of the cattle led the police to Jakobsrus where they found the cattle ready to be loaded.
The total value of the cattle is N.dollars 72 000.
The police then arrested the two accused, with another two suspects still at large.
Prosecutor Dimitri |Gôagoseb represented the State in the matter.