NamPol concerned about overtaking on national roads

05 Jan 2014 19:30pm
WINDHOEK, 05 JAN (NAMPA) – The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) has expressed strong concern about the reckless type of vehicle overtaking conducted by motorists on national roads.
Deputy Commissioner, Edwin Kanguatjivi told the media on Sunday that NamPol officers have been patrolling and monitoring the roads with helicopters, and they have observed that a considerable number of motorists are overtaking at zones that are clearly marked as non-overtaking areas.
“Motorists are overtaking at danger spots, and at times they are overtaking more than five vehicles in one go. Or you’ll find that in some cases, five vehicles are overtaking more than one vehicle at a time,” he said.
He urged motorists to be patient on the road, and to adhere to the speed limit of 120 kilometres per hour.
“Motorists should also consider their passengers' lives when driving,” he said.
The flow of traffic on Namibia's national roads is expected to pick up this week up until 16 January 2014, as holiday makers make their way back to their respective home destinations.
Crime Officer, Deputy Inspector Moses Simaho told reporters during a routine inspection at the Brakwater roadblock north of the capital on Friday that roughly 460 vehicles passed through that roadblock each hour per hour.
Simaho said operations will be intensified during this period to ensure that road safety rules are adhered to by all motorists.
“Our focus at the roadblocks will look at the roadworthiness of vehicles, seat belts, driving under the influence of alcohol, and adherence to road safety rules,” he said.
He added that the campaign will run till 16 January.