New coaching staff for national netball teams

17 Apr 2019 10:00am
REHOBOTH, 17 APR (NAMPA) – New coaching staff members have been appointed for the national netball teams.
Their appointment was announced by the Netball Namibia Board on Wednesday.
The coaches will serve for a period of four years as from this year. They are tasked with the preparation of national teams for, amongst others, the Debmarine Pent Series 2019, the African Championships and the Under-21 World Cup qualifiers in 2020, as well as with the preparation of the Desert Jewels for the next World Cup qualifiers.
A statement availed to Nampa by Netball Namibia Public Relations Officer Connie Samaria on Wednesday said in appointing the new team of coaches, they looked at the coaching structure and positions required to make national teams competitive at international level.
In addition to the position of head coach, the Board decided to add the positions of assistant attacking coach and assistant defensive coach.
“The aim was to ensure that the positional aspect of coaching is prioritised and players get the best assistance possible from assistant coaches, whilst the head coaches will take overall responsibility for their respective teams,” Samaria said.
The Board acknowledged the work of the coaches whose tenure just ended and thanked them for their contributions in solidifying the foundations of the national teams.
Julene Meyer has been appointed as head coach of the senior national team, the Desert Jewels. The assistant attacking coach and assistant defensive coach are Antoinette Wentworth and Sunette Burden, while Elsie du Plessis was appointed team manager.
Augusta Sethie is responsible for the senior development team.
For the national U-21 team, Anna Sophia Kriel is head coach, George Vries assistant attacking coach and Naguloshi Eve Kamutushi, assistant defensive coach.
The team manager is still to be appointed.
Jatjinda Tjihero has been appointed head coach of the national U-19 team, with Augusta Sethie as assistant attacking coach and Marvellous Khaebes as assistant defensive coach.
A team manager has not been appointed yet.