Govt should stop bullying people with taxpayer money: Swartbooi

12 Apr 2019 17:30pm
WINDHOEK, 12 APR (NAMPA) – Government should stop bullying people with taxpayer money, Landless People's Movement (LPM) leader Bernadus Swartbooi said on Friday.
He said this while addressing a crowd of 7de Laan residents in Otjomuise after LPM organised a demonstration to hand over a petition to City of Windhoek Chief Executive Officer Robert Kahimise in protest at the advertising of a tender for the demolishment of illegal structures on municipal land last week.
Kahimise did not show up but the petition was received on his behalf by George Esterhuizen, the City of Windhoek’s Strategic Executive of Housing, Property Management and Human Settlements.
Swartbooi said the LPM wants to appeal to the municipality to not go ahead with the awarding of the tender, saying if they go ahead, the party will retaliate and defend the dignity of poor people who are being oppressed by their own government.
“If the City of Windhoek gives out this tender, also buy those people coffins, because we will defend our properties with our lives. We are not threatening anyone, we are not threatening violence, but the little properties that we have, we got them with our own struggle. So when you go back and organise yourself, tell them we will fight back,” he said.
He said Government should stop bullying people with taxpayer money and instead use the money they want to spend on destroying the homes of people who voted them into power, to build the houses they promised when they were campaigning to be voted for.
“They are destroying our property with our own money. Local authorities can use that money to build houses, they can use it to bring sanitation and to bring electricity or use it to create housing schemes, but they want to use it to destroy the little we have,” expressed Swartbooi.
He further added that the City of Windhoek should stop referring to shacks in informal settlements as illegal because it is owned by Namibians who are in their own country and not taking anything from anyone.
“We are not illegal, as long as you have that blue identification card then you are not illegal, the constitution gives you the right to stay wherever you want. You cannot be illegal in your own country,” Swartbooi said.