Kahimise holds off on re-appointing Kanime

12 Apr 2019 13:10pm
WINDHOEK, 12 APR (NAMPA) – City of Windhoek Chief Executive Officer Robert Kahimise has allegedly ignored directives from President Hage Geingob and the City Council to reinstate City Police Chief Abraham Kanime.
The council handed him the power to reinstate Kanime during a meeting held on 28 March 2019.
Kanime is among other things accused of serious misconduct, with a total of 69 initial charges levelled against him. The charges were later dropped to 66.
Meanwhile, Kahimise is under investigation over a loan of close to N.dollars 170 000 paid for his studies by the City of Windhoek. He was suspended in October 2018 but recalled to allow the council to follow the correct procedures in his suspension, and suspended again in November. He has been back in office since February.
Approached by Nampa for comment on the matter, Kahimise said he will act on the directive “soon”.
He also wanted to know why only Kanime’s case is being questioned, saying Geingob asked the council to deal with two people and not just with Kanime.
“Why are you guys only focusing on the issue of Chief Kanime and ignoring the fact that the president spoke about two people? Go back to the council and ask again,” he said.
Geingob in January directed the City of Windhoek to reinstate Kahimise and Kanime and withdraw the charges it laid against them.
In an interview with Nampa this week, City of Windhoek Management Committee chairperson, Agatha Ashilelo confirmed that Kahimise was given the power to reinstate Kanime by the council on 28 March.
“We are waiting for him to act since all the power is in his hands at the moment,” she said.
Ashilelo said City Police regulations state that the mandate to suspend or reinstate the chief of the City Police lies with the CEO of the City of Windhoek, noting the council has done its part.
She said Kahimise’s case, which also involves allegations of abusing his vehicle allowance and appointing or promoting some employees irregularly, will be discussed and could be finalised before the end of this month.