NamPol extends mobile roadblocks to gravel roads in villages

02 Jan 2014 15:10pm
WINDHOEK, 02 JAN (NAMPA) - The Namibian Police Force (NamPol) in the Oshikoto Region have set up mobile roadblocks in villages during the recent festive season, and will continue doing so for the rest of this year.
Regional Commander for the Oshikoto Region, Commissioner Anne-Marie Nainda told Nampa on enquiry Thursday her officers have for the first time late last year extended mobile roadblocks to selected villages with busy roads.
Some of the villages which saw mobile roadblocks were Okankolo, Okatope and small villages around Omuthiya.
She said the main reason for the mobile roadblocks was to educate drivers in the villages about traffic rules, because they tend to ignore such rules, especially speeding which cause accidents.
“We realised that we also need to do more education in villages, because people in villages just drive the way they want and do not adhere to traffic rules,” said Nainda.
She noted that most of the accidents which happen in villages are caused by speeding, overtaking at places where drivers are not supposed to overtake, and overloading.
The commissioner said police officers in the region will from now on go into villages frequently to set up temporary roadblocks, in addition to the permanent police checkpoint at Oshivelo.
“We have to focus on villages this year, because those mobile roadblocks that we just had gave us an indication that we have to educate road users in villages who use gravel roads there,” she noted.
Nainda urged road users to always adhere to the traffic rules.
“We are going to have more operations this year to look at the issue of road-worthiness of vehicles in our villages,” she stated.
The regionall commander warned drivers to take caution when driving on gravel roads during the rainy season to avoid car accidents.
Also speaking to Nampa on Thursday, NamPol's Head of Public Relations in the Oshana Region, Sergeant Thomas Aiyambo said his region also extended mobile roadblocks to gravel roads such as Ompundja to Oshakati, and Endola to Oshakati during the festive season.
These roadblocks were set up at least 5 or 2 kilometres (km) before reaching the towns.
He urged drivers on gravel roads to watch out for animals grazing near the roads, and to adhere to the speed limit of 80km/hour on gravel roads.