Harry Simon Jnr to fight for his first title

10 Apr 2019 09:20am
REHOBOTH, 10 APR (NAMPA) – Harry Simon Jnr is set to fight for his first title as a professional boxer against the more experienced Andreas Nghinananye for the Namibia National Boxing Title on 20 April at ‘The Legacy Part 2’ fight.
A statement availed to Nampa said the fight in Windhoek will define his boxing ability that has on so many occasions been tested on four rounders only and will most arguably be his toughest fight to date.
The statement said his coach, Nestor Tobias is confident that his young prospect will rise to the occasion and show the entire Namibia why he is dubbed to become Namibia’s next boxing superstar.
Tobias described Simon Jnr as a confident man with the necessary boxing skills to take out any opponent.
“He learns with every fight with a high work rate and he is fit and has power. I know that he is a star for the future and his journey begins with this national title against a very tough opponent,” Tobias was quoted as saying.
According to Tobias, Simon Jnr has a combination of skills of legendary American boxer Charles ‘Sugar Ray’ Leonard and Tommy Hearns in one and that should give an idea of his prowess.
“He is tall which automatically gives him a good advantage in reaching his opponent and he can use his jab very well from the outside, and when he goes to the body, that reminds me of Tommy Hearns as he was just as tall but could win fights with his jab and could bank the body with both hands, a skill that tall boxers usually struggle with,” Tobias said.
He said that the entire coaching staff is happy with the boxer’s level of discipline and hard work because talent itself is not enough.
“We always remind him how his father became a champion, through hard work and discipline, and making boxing fun and enjoyable while in the ring. Harry Simon Snr respected his training and never compromised in putting in long training hours, and that is why he became such a great fighter,” Tobias concluded.